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Lost 35 lbs and regained my gut and urinary health!!!

Before seeing Dr. Anthony I was suffering with gastro intestinal issues. I was either constipated or had diarrhea and was in significant discomfort. I was also having constant daily urinary issues where my bladder would have this over full feeling and then hurt on urination.

I went to several physicians, but none of the therapies and medication they gave me helped. I suffered for 2 or more years and then finally had the good fortune to hear about Dr. Anthony on the radio. I did not hesitate and called. My goals were not to only address the health problems, but to be as strong and healthy as possible at 78 years young. I also wanted to lose 35lbs.

I was impressed how quickly my body responded to Dr. Anthony’s care. He truly is a specialist in his field. He really knows his stuff!

I am now so happy to report that my gut issues have totally resolved and I can not remember the last time I had the urinary pain. I also have reached my weight loss goal and dropped those 35 lbs. I am so glad, and thankful I met Dr. Anthony since no one else was able to help me regain my health and my life.

All I can say is “Bless you,  Dr Anthony”!

No Longer Depressed Nor Hurting...

When I first came in to see Dr. Anthony I was very depressed and sad about my physical condition. Everything hurt. My lower back, my hips and every muscle in my body hurt and I had problems sleeping.

I could hardly bear to sit in the car for any length of time from the pain. This all altered my life so much that I no longer felt like myself and I was miserable. The medical doctor gave me pills and sent me to the physical therapist with no results.

One day I was listening to the radio and heard the pressure points therapy promotion. I called the office and made an appointment to see Dr. Anthony. I was impressed about how much the office cared. Dr. Anthony and his staff were concerned about my well being and took time to listen and guide me.

Dr. Anthony has a wealth of knowledge and he knows exactly what needs to be done to restore my body. After going through a series of treatments I can now happily report that all my pain is gone! I am no longer depressed! My muscles no longer hurt, nor does my lower back and I am finally sleeping. I can enjoy my life fully and I finally feel like myself again.

Thank you,

Knee Replacement Surgery Cancelled...

When I began my visits at Dr. Anthony’s, I had scheduled knee replacement surgery in four months time. My major health concerns included; major pain in my left knee joint, and unstable blood sugar levels. The pain in my knee restricted mobility and everyday life, and diabetes was an ongoing concern due to my blood sugar levels spiking early in the morning.

After just four months of chiropractic treatment, which included supplements and diet modification, I have cancelled my knee replacement surgery. The pain in my knee has alleviated, and blood sugar levels have stabilized. Thank you, Dr. Anthony and Rima, for your good work.

I come here to stay Well!

There are four generations of our family that come to see Dr. Anthony, including his newest patient my 2 year old son. I have been seeing Dr. Anthony for over 15 years. He has helped me with multiple health issues, from back problems to allergies and also with mental re-programming, when I was stuck in my life, just to name a few.

Dr. Anthony is my favorite doctor of all times. He is professional, honest, reliable and most of all treats you like family. Thank you to Dr Anthony and Rima for everything you have done for my family and I. I look forward to many more years of treatment to keep me well and happy.

Immune Issues & Lower Back Pain

It is a pleasure to recommend Cypress Chiropractic. I consider Dr. Brian Anthony to be among the greatest of healers. I initially started seeing Dr. Anthony about 15 years ago. I was desperate, because I was unable to recover my health due to years of chronic pneumonia (antibiotics) and back pain (Tylenol). My health was spinning out of control. Dr. Anthony put me on the road to recovery. I have not suffered from pneumonia in years and my back is so much better due to an excellent chiropractic maintenance program.

Thank you Dr Anthony!!!


Neck Pain and Back Pain resolved...

As long as I can remember my body felt achy, my joints, neck and back hurt, I would get dizzy spells and feel anxious for no reason. There was just too much going on, health-wise, for someone my age. I am not even 20 years old. I saw several other doctors with no results!

Finally a friend referred me to Dr. Anthony and within a relatively  short time, in his care, my back and my neck pain had resolved and I no longer felt anxious and the dizziness and nausea have all dissipated.

Life is good now! Thank you,


Aches, Pains, Low Energy, Poor Digestion, Sleep & Stress Disorder

I am a 78 year old retired man, who after my 60th birthday believed that all of my stress, aches, and pains came naturally with old age.After two months of treatment from Dr. Anthony, most of my aches, pains, and the irritability  have diminished dramatically or resolved. My energy levels have increased; my digestive disorders are now gone; my sleep disorders are minimal; stress levels are down, and my posture has improved by almost 50%.

Now, I feel energized, my attitude towards life is brighter; I am more at peace with myself. Strange, how those aches, pains, and stress levels can dramatically affect ones personality and well-being.

– RE

Sleeping Issues, Lower Back Pain, Sciatic Pain and Tingling Feet

I was beginning to resolve myself that growing older and living with pain is a way of life. Before seeing Dr. Anthony I had trouble sleeping. I was in and out of sleep all night long for many years. I would wake up never feeling refreshed and felt tired and drained most of the time. My lower back was in pain every time I moved. Pain was running down my right leg and my feet tingled. I was dragging my leg and felt handicapped.

I was truly one miserable person. I was getting fed up with seeing my medical doctor, which took weeks to get an appointment, to only get temporary relief. I did not want any more cortisone shots and I certainly didn’t want pain pills. My husband suggested that I call Dr. Anthony. It has been almost a month since I came limping in to see him. In just three short weeks I no longer walk with a limp and I feel a 100% better. Now I sleep a good 9 hours uninterrupted and I feel great!!

I have never given much thought to the wellness approach to healthcare, but with my recent experience I wonder why more people do not avail themselves, instead of reaching for  bottles and bottles of medications.

Life is GOOD!


Lower Back & Neck Pain

I have been going to Dr. Anthony for over a year. I have had great results with treatments to my back (I have 3 fused discs) and neck (I have a degenerating disc there). With gentle, non-invasive techniques, I have been restored to a place of healing way beyond my expectations. Dr Anthony tracks my progress and keeps accurate measuring records (which he generously shares with me). I have improved almost 90%! I especially notice such delightful mobility in my neck. I feel very confident in entrusting my health care to Dr. Anthony & his staff. He and his staff are VERY well informed, share empowering information with their patients and continue to further their education with many seminars and continuing education programs to even further enhance their effectiveness. They truly understand holistic treatment that works with the bodys own healing mechanisms. I am totally nourished each time I visit them for an appointment; it is always an uplifting experience. They clearly love people and love helping their patients on a path to radiant, vital health. This clinic is unique and wonderful!!!!
– LV

Restless Leg Syndrome, Weight Loss

I attended an Arthritis Seminar with Dr. Anthony one evening. During that session he mentioned R.L.S. This caught my attention as I had been suffering with restless legs for over a year. I had been living with this condition along with asthma, arthritis, lower back pain, and I felt it was important for me to start treatment. It has now been almost six months and the improvement has been very much appreciated! I have also lost weight spontaneously and friends remark on my changed appearance.

I am feeling so much better and find sleeping at night a real blessing. Dr. Anthony has brought me a long way and I am truly grateful for his help. I have been able to stop many of the medications I had been taking. I feel so much stronger and am in good health now.
– M.

Leg Pain

Recently I had to catch a flight from Alaska and change planes in Seattle to Oakland. When we landed in Seattle at 8:30 am I had ten minutes to catch my next flight home at 8:40 am and I had to run from gate C to gate N. This was approximately a quarter of a mile or more. I would not believe the distance I had to run. I’m 72 years old and had a bad leg when I first went to see Dr. Anthony. But since I had his care I can walk, run, and out run anybody! Unbelievable! I even beat the pilot to the gate!


I first came to Dr. Anthony’s office for one of his pressure point workshops about a year ago. After the workshop I decided to come back and see what Dr. Anthony could do for me. I was depressed, exhausted, and always cold- especially my hands and feet. It had been going on for 6 to 7 years. I had a hard time going to work as I was so fatigued. I didn’t want to do any extra activities either.

I am off my antidepressants which I was on for 5-6 years. I have so much more energy for my work and my hobbies. I’m also not as tired anymore. It’s wonderful!

If I hadn’t found Dr. Anthony I would not be doing half the activities I am now. Everything from backpacking, to extra hours helping my students at work, or enjoying time with my nieces and nephew.
– CD